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Peyton Ballenger

Peyton Ballenger

It is very difficult to lose a good friend. Particularly to lose a friend who was in the prime of their life. Peyton meant so much to all of us, and even in these most tragic of times, I feel that Peyton would want us to remember the happy days. Her achievements were many. From early beginnings when Jack Osborn asked John Solomon to visit Pinehurst, North Carolina … this seemingly random event brought Peyton into croquet. Her love for croquet brought Peyton into our lives. She achieved national and international presence in her pursuit of choice. She proudly represented the United States on many occasions competing in the Solomon Trophy, International Challenge Cup and the World Championships. Peyton, above all, was a great ambassador. Her qualities were many. She displayed a quiet manner. She possessed her own mind, She was solid in her opinions, never manipulative and always a person of deeds.

Above all, Peyton's honesty and integrity to her friends shone through. Peyton was a private person. She enjoyed her privacy and was self-amused. Her friendship was gradually earned and never waivered once established. We are all going to miss Peyton. It is impossible to understand why this had to happen, but Peyton would want us all to learn from this experience. Remember life is short and precious, it may be taken at any time. Enjoy every moment, take time for others, focus on the things that really matter and be thankful to be blessed with another day of life. We all have special memories of Peyton. They cannot bring her back to us, but they keep her alive in our hearts. Her memories and her life will have an influence on all of us forever. To Anita, her mother; To John, her brother; She will be missed by so many.

Peyton Ballenger was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1993.




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