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Ray Bell

Ray Bell

When Ray Bell walked into his friend Doug Whitneybell's office and inquired about the photo on his wall of four guys dressed in white, little did he know that his croquet carreer was about to begin. Doug told Ray about croquet and invited him and his wife Alene to watch a tournament at Stan Patmor's home court.

"When we arrived there was a string quartet playing and wine was being served," remembers Ray, "it was then that I knew there was something about this sport I liked."

That was in 1982. Over the next year Ray took up the game with a passion. In 1984 Ray and partner Ed Cline would travel to Florida and win the USCA National Club Team Championship. Later that year, he and doubles partner Jim Bast would travel to New York City and win the National Doubles Championship. Ray would go on to win three consecutive National Doubles titles partnering in '85 and '86 with Floridian Dana Dribben. He won the National Singles title in 1985.

Ray was a member of six U.S. National Teams and traveled to England in 1985 and 1987 to compete. "The trips to England with the team are some of my fondest memories in croquet," says Ray.

Ray served on the USCA Management Committee for nine years as the Vice President of the Southwes Region. He also served as Chairman of the Selection Committee and Rules Committee.

Ray now owns an internet company and still dabbles in real estate from time to time. He and his wife have a son Paul and a daughter Lauren who was born during the 1990 U.S. Team tour of England. "I flew home a bit early — some things are more important than croquet!"

Ray Bell was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 2000.




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