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Richard Pearman

Richard Pearman

"You do not have to be a great athlete or a brilliant person to master the game of Croquet," but it helps and Richard Pearman is both.

That he is a Rhodes Scholar, a member of the Young Presidents Organization, and one of the foremost barristers in Bermuda bespeaks sufficient credentials alone to convince any bystander of his strategically brilliant croquet. Yet it is observing Richard play the game that tells a significantly greater part of the story. His tempo is rhythmic and style immaculate yet perhaps it's his casual friendly aire that is the most endearing aspect of watching him play.

A native Bermudian, Richard and his charming wife Jeanne own the beautiful home Callithea in Paget. When not serving as a barrister for his firm Conyers, Dill and Pearman, Richard travels worldwide for both his profession and the Y.P.O. not to mention his many croquet endeavors in Bermuda and the United States.

Richard's first tournament experience came in 1969 in Bermuda at the Bermuda Invitational (one of the oldest Invitationals in the U.S.C.A.) and since then has virtually owned the Bermuda Singles Title now known as the Duncan McMartin Trophy. This year when Richard defeated John Young to win the singles title for the fourth time, Hilda McMartin who presents the trophy quipped "We ought to just engrave ditto marks on the permanent trophy from now on."

Bermuda is not Richard's only domain. Until 1983 he and his good friend Archie Peck have exclusively owned the National Singles Championship Title. Richard has won it twice and when he hasn't won has been runner-up as often as not. Twice on the U.S. International team he has fared well and brought his talent and enthusiasm to the game.

Off court Richard, or 'Picky' as friends might refer to him — this from his hilarious rendition of "Prinderella and the fairy Cince" is as quick witted and charming a man as you would ever wish to meet. A consummate golfer, tennis player and all around athlete, Richard wields a mallet with the same elan that he approaches all aspects of his life.

Those of us who have had the great good fortune to have watched many of his matches over the years would readily agree that he is responsible for some of the finest performances in Bermuda or the United States. Not only does Richard play superlatively but elicits great play from his opponents. For many of these past matches and the many more to come we owe him a substantial debt of thanks. When we recognize his warmth, support of the U.S.C.A., extremely talented play, and marvelous humor it is with sincere congratulations that we welcome Richard Pearman to the U.S. Croquet Hall of Fame.

Richard Pearman was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1984.


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