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Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers

Dick Rodgers reached the peak of his game during the interlude between the days when croquet was beginning to fade from the Long Island and Bucks County scenes and move to carefully manicured courts on the West Coast. Actually Rodgers had always been too busy earlier with his partners, lyricists Larry Hart and later Oscar Hammerstein II turning out the great musical plays for all of the world to enjoy. But, additionally, Rodgers was a modest man and let the brilliant play of his wife Dorothy Rodgers, have the spotlight it deserved. Dick loved the game and the many wonderful struggles which took place on their challenging lawn in Southport, Connecticut will always be remembered by those fortunate enough to be invited. Dick was a serious player, never losing his temper and had a feel for the game which would surprise his opponents and delight his partners. Together the Rodgers made a lovely pair, on or off the croquet lawn.

Richard Rodgers was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1980.


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