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Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn

One of the greatest figures in film history, Samuel Goldwyn was also the Emperor of two croquet courses on his estate in Beverly Hills. Carefully tended and nurtured by his corps of gardeners under the watchful and protective eye of Goldwyn's loving wife Frances, the Goldwyn lawns were constantly battlegrounds for croquet skills, strong language, tempers uncontrolled and even friendships ended-for a short time. At any given moment, Samuel Goldwyn could have cast a film from those playing croquet: Louis Jourdan, George Sanders, sometimes choleric William Hawks, and his silent brother director Howard Hawks, the ebullient Roumanian Jean Negulesco, and, of course, his Imperial Highness Michael Romanoff, the Little Prince. Sam Goldwyn wanted to win in croquet as in everything and woe betide you if you crossed him; he was liable to call off the tournament, and once did!

Samuel Goldwyn was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1979.


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