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Shereen Hayes

Shereen Hayes

Shereen is a South African native; now a US citizen. She came here in 1984 and currently lives in Loxahatchee, Florida. She began working for the USCA as bookkeeper in September, 1995. She had an extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and finance. Since then, she has worked tirelessly for the USCA and the Croquet Foundation of America (CFA), managing their financing, reporting, and the staff. During these twenty years, Shereen worked for six USCA Presidents, becoming an integral part of USCA’s operations, now functioning as Executive Manager.

Most USCA members take for granted the smooth operation of the USCA office, but when Shereen first began working for the USCA, it was in danger of even surviving. It was through Shereen’s hard work and dedication that things slowly turned around.  Today, in large part due to her efforts, the USCA is financially sound and stable.

Shereen plays a major stabilizing role in the USCA. Her influence appears effortless. She always studies a problem before reacting. Whether it is calming members’ concerns, organizing fundraisers, managing the organization’s finances, or quietly asking members to contribute for a specific need, she knows how to do it in just the right way.

Her talent was equally effective for the CFA during the development years of the National Croquet Center. She handled accounting and helped fundraise for the CFA until 2004. Many USCA members were skeptical about the CFA’s ability to finish the NCC project. Shereen was always a positive voice in the background. She believed that under the CFA’s guidance, the croquet community would rise to the occasion and provide whatever was needed. Her beliefs have been borne out over the years. She remains the right person for one of the most critical jobs in our sport.

Johnny Mitchell, Dick Brackett, and Rich Curtis (all HOF members and former USCA Presidents) have worked with Shereen for almost twenty years. They each say they could not have performed their jobs without her, and that each of their predecessors and successors as President would say the same. Dick was her mentor for twelve years, working with her for eight years as USCA Treasurer and four years as President.  Her hard work, abilities and institutional knowledge of the organization are so invaluable that the last three USCA presidents begged her to continue as Executive Manager, and not to retire on their watches.

While it is true that this is her job, time after time she puts in the substantial extra effort that is critical to the USCA’s success as an organization. Her consistent devotion and diligence goes far beyond that of “just an employee doing her job.”

Shereen is dedicated to the success of the USCA, the CFA and the growth of croquet in America. She is present at tournaments and social events, and is always looking for fundraising opportunities and silent auction items.

Management and staff has come and gone, but Shereen has been the one constant in the USCA office -- tireless in her efforts on behalf of our sport. Her contributions to croquet in the US are extensive and have had a significant and lasting effect on the sport. The CFA and the USCA wholeheartedly support her induction into the Hall of Fame in 2015.




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