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Stan Patmor

Stan Patmor

Stan Patmor: Imaginative landscaper, innovative restaurateur, occasional entrepeneur? Perhaps, but he is certainly a croqueteer. Patmor, always strong of conviction, took his first croquet stand in 1973, when he insisted that the Sears and Roebuck rules of croquet were to be used in preference to those of other department store chains.

In 1975, Patmor was one of the four founding fathers of the Arizona Croquet Club and its democratic constitution. His garden was the first home of the Arizona club and the club's only lawn for the first five years. Patmor has been president of the Arizona Croquet Club four times.

To increase awareness in America of the International Rules game, Patmor co-founded The American Croquet Association in 1984. He became the first tournament director of the International Championships at Sonoma-Cutrer in '86, where he developed the now highly regarded Patmor Draw tournament format. He has run the U. S. Open for many years.

Patmor's equipment company produces The Arizona Mallet and the new, longer headed, Wonder Mallet. His "Have Rule Book Will Travel" calling card has led to his directing tournaments across America and deep into old Mexico. He has advised the USCA on developing tournament formats and is the Head Referee of these National Championships. Stan Patmor is, well, Patmor.

Stan Patmor was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1995.


Stan Patmor in Maui Croquet Club Gallery




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