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USCA members can have separtate handicaps for the three versions of six wickets croquet: American Croquet, Association Croquet, and Golf Croquet.

American Croquet IconThe American Croquet handicaps are based on the handicap point system applied to the results of USCA sanctioned tournaments.

Association Croquet IconThe Association Croquet handicaps are based on the player's grade.

Golf Croquet IconThe Golf Croquet handicaps are computed from a player's American Croquet handicap, or tested by a special exercise.

You can search for American Croquet handicaps below.

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Name HC Region HC assigned down
Lyle Calderwood20+0FL2017-05-26
Edmund Giancola20+0FL2017-05-26
Fran Giancola20+0FL2017-05-26
Awilda Hamilton20+0FL2017-05-26
Hayes Jackson20+0FL2017-05-26
Anne Love20+0FL2017-05-26
Jack Love20+0FL2017-05-26
David Paukovich20+0FL2017-05-26
Patrica Paukovich20+0FL2017-05-26
Kathy M. Reichard-Ellavsky20+0FL2017-05-26
Charles Schlaufman20+0FL2017-05-26
Rose Schlaufman20+0FL2017-05-26
Carol Smith20+0FL2017-05-26
Peter Wludyka20+0FL2017-05-24
Pete Albert20+0SE2017-05-23
Tom Carmichael20+0SE2017-05-23
Nick Doms20+0SE2017-05-23
Jim Else20+0SE2017-05-23
Ron Franke20+0SE2017-05-23
Harper Gerry20+0SE2017-05-23
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