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USCA members can have separtate handicaps for the three versions of six-wicket croquet: American Croquet, Association Croquet, and Golf Croquet.

American Croquet IconThe American Croquet handicaps reflect a players skill and experience playing American Croquet. They are used to group players of similar ability for tournament play. New players start at 20 handicap, and the best players have a handicap that is a little below zero. Handicaps can be changed by a USCA Handicap Adjuster, or are changed at the conclusion of a tournament based on the handicap point system applied to the results of USCA sanctioned tournaments. See the Handicap Guidelines.

Association Croquet IconThe Association Croquet handicaps are based on the player's grade.

Golf Croquet IconThe Golf Croquet handicaps are computed from a player's American Croquet handicap, or tested by a special exercise.

You can search for American Croquet handicaps below.

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Name HC Region HC assigned down
Judy Zutkis20+0FL2018-05-21
Thomas Cooper-1+22M2018-05-20
Jim Erwin0-12M2018-05-20
Elaine Postley8+0M2018-05-20
Peter Woolley+6M2018-05-20
Ronald Dietrich20+0SE2018-05-19
Michael L. Marsh20+0MW2018-05-19
Jaye Wilson20+0FL2018-05-19
Evan Hobbs20+0W2018-05-17
Linda Hurd20+0W2018-05-17
Lyle Calderwood13+0FL2018-05-16
Marsha Cargill10+0FL2018-05-16
Edmund Giancola14+0FL2018-05-16
Harvey Glastein15+0FL2018-05-16
Linda Grady9+0FL2018-05-16
Raymond James13+0FL2018-05-16
Pamela Kennelly13+0FL2018-05-16
Rosemarie Maccario10+0FL2018-05-16
David Paukovich12+0FL2018-05-16
Patrica Paukovich16+0FL2018-05-16
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