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USCA members can have separtate handicaps for the three versions of six wickets croquet: American Croquet, Association Croquet, and Golf Croquet.

American Croquet IconThe American Croquet handicaps are based on the handicap point system applied to the results of USCA sanctioned tournaments.

Association Croquet IconThe Association Croquet handicaps are based on the player's grade.

Golf Croquet IconThe Golf Croquet handicaps are computed from a player's American Croquet handicap, or tested by a special exercise.

You can search for American Croquet handicaps below.

Showing 3041–3060 of 3132 players

Name HC up Region HC assigned
Elaine Truman20+0FL2013-01-28
Steven Tubbs20+0N2000-04-17
Amanda Turner20+0SE2016-06-21
Jed Turner20+0SE2016-06-21
Suzanne Turner20+0FL2015-09-16
Cherry Tyde20+0SE2015-01-28
Steve Tyde20+0SE2015-01-28
Allen Tye20+0SE2014-11-04
Karla Tye20+0SE2014-11-04
Joyce Urode20+0W2016-02-15
Margaret Mary Vail20+0M2000-05-18
Ernest E. Vallozzi20+0M2000-04-17
Max C Van Note20+0M2016-06-24
Gail Van Slyck20+0FL2015-11-20
Linda Vavra20+0W2016-02-15
Terry Vavra20+0W2016-02-15
Eugene Vellon20+0FL2010-11-02
Marcia Vorholt20+0FL2009-11-06
Bruce Vorsanger20+0SE2013-11-21
Ginny Vorsanger20+0SE2013-11-21
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