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USCA members can have separtate handicaps for the three versions of six wickets croquet: American Croquet, Association Croquet, and Golf Croquet.

American Croquet IconThe American Croquet handicaps are based on the handicap point system applied to the results of USCA sanctioned tournaments.

Association Croquet IconThe Association Croquet handicaps are based on the player's grade.

Golf Croquet IconThe Golf Croquet handicaps are computed from a player's American Croquet handicap, or tested by a special exercise.

You can search for American Croquet handicaps below.

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Name up HC Region HC assigned
Claire Boasi13+0M2016-11-22
Field D. Boatwright20+0SE2012-09-12
John G. Boatwright20+0SE2012-09-12
Judith Bobo18+0SE2017-03-10
Ron Bobo18+0SE2017-03-10
Jeannette Bogart18+0FL2011-04-25
Richard Boger6+18SE2017-09-10
John Bolla12+23M2017-08-06
Alec Bollini20+0C2007-09-26
Carson Bond20+0W2017-07-24
Bruce Bone12+0C2004-02-23
Arthur Boniface7+11SE2014-05-07
Mary Lou Boniface11+0SE2013-11-06
Bernard Booth20+0SE2015-07-01
Liza Booth20+0SE2015-07-01
Dana Boots20+0SE2017-05-30
Anne Boozell8+20SE2013-05-20
Michael Boozell9+1SE2011-09-12
Bill Bopp1/2+10SE2006-12-07
Jean-Luc Bordeaux20+0W2016-11-15
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