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Croquet Accessories

These accessories can be ordered directly from the USCA; or call 561-478-0760, fax 561-686-5507, or e-mail

Large Cover (11-12 inch head) $52.95

Small Cover (9 inch head) $49.95

Cards (package of 10) $5.00

USCA Clothing

Shirts (men's and women's) $40.00

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (UPF 30 protection, ventilated sleeves, quick-dry fabric, front zipper, navy or white logo; lady's small, large, extra-large) $50.00

Jacket (no "USCA" on back) $80.00

Hats (USCA Bucket, USCA Baseball, World Championship Baseball) $20.00

Patch (iron-on or sew-on) $5.00

Sweater (cable-knit lined; men's 1/4 zipper, ladies full zipper) $70.00

USCA Books, Videos, and Magazines

Most of the items listed below can be ordered directly from the USCA; or call 561-478-0760, fax 561-686-5507, or e-mail Some of the items must be ordered from the Croquet Association Online Shop.

USCA Shot-Making Instruction Manual by Bob Kroeger

The USCA's basic text on the full variety of croquet strokes, including stance, grips, single-ball strokes, rushes, take-offs, full- and half-rolls, and more, with practice drills and exercises, illustrated. This manual is intended for use with the heavier, professional level of mallets and balls used at USCA clubs and sports facilities.

Spriral bound $15.95.

Croquet: The Sport by Jack Osborn and John Osborn

This is the best available presentation of the sport of croquet as played at USCA clubs, covering everything the beginning player needs to know, including the sport's history, customs, and etiquette. Sections on tactics, strategy and shot-making are clearly and well illustrated.

Hard cover $24.95, soft cover $15.95.

Croquet by John Solomon


American Rules: USCA Rulebook by the USCA Rules Committee

2006 edition of the Official Rules of American Six-Wicket Croquet. (Updated in 2013 with revised Handicap Point System.)


Golf Rules: Official Rules of Golf Croquet used by the USCA and WCF

The revised 2018 edition with latest rulings and commentary.


International Rules: The Laws of Association Croquet by the Croquet Association

The book details the International (or "Association") rules for 6-wicket croquet which govern the sport as most often played in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.


Bob & Ted's Croquet Strategy Books on CD-ROM and Hardcopy

Now available: three USCA 6 Wicket Croquet Strategy Books by Bob Kroeger and Ted Prentis. These books on CD-ROM or HARDCOPY are for Beginners (handicaps 10 and above), Intermediates (6-9) and Advanced (5 and below), delivered to the consumer as PDF documents. The end user downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Internet (available for both PC and Mac), opens the PDF document and is then is able to read the books on the computer. (OR, FAR PREFERABLY, PRINT THEM YOURSELF ON A COLOR INKJET PRINTER.) If you don't want to worry about all this computer stuff you can PURCHASE THE BOOKS HARDCOPY (bound $124.95, unbound $72.95). The CDs feature several pages of text and court diagrams with THE BALLS IN COLOR rather than the normal black/shaded balls with initials. This makes viewing and understanding the diagrams easy. Each CD-ROM costs $29.95 (one has BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE and the other has ADVANCED). You can also purchase one CD-ROM that has all three books for $39.95.

Visit the Official Bob and Ted Croquet Website to see one page examples.

Bob & Ted's Excellent Croquet Video

Everything the beginning croquet player needs to get started in a 2 1/2 hour DVD. America's most popular and experienced croquet coaches (Ted Prentis and Bob Kroeger) combine forces to take you right from the beginning steps - direction of play and use of the deadness board - step-by-step through each of the croquet shots. The DVD ends with a brief introduction to strategy. This DVD is a MUST for players new to USCA croquet.

DVD $49.95

Bob & Ted's Most Wanted Croquet Strategy Video

This two DVD set includes 3 1/2 hours of croquet strategy explained by the best American coaches in the game. If you need to know the where, when and how of croquet strategy, this video is for you. These MOST WANTED videos are designed to follow the Excellent Croquet DVD.

DVD $64.95

Bob & Ted's Staying Alive — Winning Croquet Tactics Video

This one hour forty minute video focuses in depth on the common problems aspiring players face - especially those dealing with "deadness", its consequences, and how to avoid it; problems at the first and second wickets; when and how to attack; three-and four-ball break play; deadness rotation issues; and end game tactics.

DVD $39.95

Bob & Ted's You Make the Call Video

This hour-long video, designed for all levels, poses thought-provoking croquet situations, then goes to freeze frame for a few seconds to allow the viewer to make a determination about the best solution. When action resumes, Bob and Ted explain and demonstrate their own professional opinion.

DVD $29.95

Bob & Ted's Break Play — What You Need to Know Video

Source material from Bob & Ted’s Most Wanted Croquet Video plus some new animations with voice description. This DVD is a must if you want to learn how to make more than one wicket in a turn.

DVD $29.95

Bob & Ted's Mastering Croquet Shots Video

This one hour and 50 minute DVD covers the specific subject of croquet shots. This technical skill is critical to be proficient in, especially as it relates to playing breaks.

DVD $29.95

USCA Presents: The Golf Croquet Pasadena Playoff

Kamal vs Rothman Video

The Golf Croquet playoff match between Mohammad Kamal and Ben Rothman took place on Saturday, November 6, 2010 in Pasadena, California. Kamal and Rothman are two of the world’s top golf croquet players who represented the US in 2011 World Golf Croquet Championship. The exciting match won by Rothman is narrated by Eric Sawyer.

DVD $19.95

2004 USCA National Singles Finals Video

This exciting game was played at the NATIONAL CROQUET CENTER in West Palm Beach, FL, and the DVD features both finalists – Brian Cumming and Britt Ruby offering their comments on the game as they watched the video. Players of all levels will thoroughly enjoy this presentation as they hear both of these fine players’ views on how things unfolded.

DVD $15.95

The Croquet Foundation of America's Monograph Series on Club Building, Organization, and Management by Bob Alman, Editor and Chief Writer

Volume I: Getting Started
Volume II: Organizing for Success
Volume III: Producing Programs and Events that Work

Organized for easy reading and reference, these volumes constitute a comprehensive guide to all the information local club organizers need in order to start and maintain a croquet club or facility.

$9.95 per volume, or $25.00 for the set.

A Guide to Golf Croquet by Jennet Blake and Gerald Mitchell

Third Edition updated by John Cundell and Richard Keighley. January 2010. Illustrated with b/w diagrams. 42 pages.

Contains all the basic rules and tactics for playing Golf Croquet. John and Richard have rewritten the sections on the Laws amongst other alterations.

Paperback £5.00. Order from Croquet Association Online Shop.

Shortening the Odds by Bill Arliss

This book is aimed at GC and AC players who are proficient with a mallet, and want to extend their repertoire of winning tactics

The author considers the factors that lead to success on a Golf Croquet court and provides a detailed analysis of the complex tactical decision making that is essential with the very interactive nature of the game.

By taking the opponent’s capabilities into consideration, the approach to tactics can be applied to a wide range of playing abilities. Suggested training/coaching routines for both stroke play and tactical coaching are also outlined.

Paperback £9.50. Order from Croquet Association Online Shop.

Through the Hoops by Greg Bury

Written by Greg Bury, an Australian GC International player, this book is a well illustrated guide to the fundamentals of the game with tips on more advanced play. Second edition published in 2013. 42 A4-size pages.

Paperback $30.00. Order from Croquet Extras.

Golf Croquet Tactics by Michael Hague

A look at golf croquet tactics, including a description of the priniples involved, and lots of problems and solutions to get the points across. As the title suggests, this book is all about tactics, and does not discuss stroke play. 84 pages. Published 2005.

This book is an ideal extension to 'A guide to golf croquet', which covers stroke play and basic priciples, but little on more advanced tactics.

Paperback £11.00. Order from Croquet Association Online Shop.

USCA Croquet News

Published three times a year, this official magazine of the USCA is mailed to all members, included in the annual cost of membership. Also included in your membership are the Official USCA Rule Book, the "online" USCA Croquet Directory, and other communications on tournaments and membership affairs. "At large" membership is available directly through the USCA for $65 for individuals or $100 for couples. International rates are slightly higher, an additional $10 per member. (The USCA membership, when taken through a USCA club, is available for a somewhat lower cost, and is often included in club membership dues.)