The United States Croquet Association fosters croquet in all its forms: from the familiar nine wickets game, through the popular Golf Croquet, to the modern sport with six wickets. There are USCA-affiliated clubs and tournaments across the United States and Canada.

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Latest Croquet News

News Letter Icon November Newsletter Published 11/14
Player List Icon Titled Tournaments Players Lists Updated 11/13
News Announcement Icon Hall of Fame Online Auction 11/9
News Announcement Icon Audubon Invitational (US) Announced 11/8
Media News Icon Quince And Croquet (audio) 10/30
Tournament News Icon Eights (GC) won by … 10/23
Tournament News Icon Coastal Croquet Clubs Invitational (US) won by … 10/22
Tournament News Icon Big Oyster (AC) won by … 10/15
Tournament News Icon Texas Classic (US) won by … 10/15
Tournament News Icon Country Club of Jackson Invitational (US) won by … 10/15
News Announcement Icon United States Open (AC) Announced 10/11
News Announcement Icon Club Team Championship (GC) Announced 10/9
Media News Icon North Star Croquet Association Holds Match to Mourn Season’s End 10/8
Media News Icon Army-Navy Croquet Match Held at Westminster-Canterbury … 10/5
Media News Icon Croquet Tournament Held in Hartfield 10/4
Tournament News Icon New Jersey Championship (US) won by … 10/1
Tournament News Icon Northeast Regional Championship (US) won by … 10/1
News Announcement Icon Coastal Croquet Clubs (US) Announced 9/30
News Announcement Icon Seniors Masters Championship (US) Announced 9/27
News Announcement Icon National Championship (AC) Announced 9/27
News Announcement Icon National Championship (GC) Announced 9/27
News Announcement Icon National Championship (US) Announced 9/27
Tournament News Icon Osborn Cup (US) won by … 9/24
Tournament News Icon Croquet by the Bay (US) won by … 9/24
Tournament News Icon National Championship (9W) won by … 9/24
Media News Icon Army, Navy Veterans have a Croquet Showdown in Va. Beach (video) 9/22
Media News Icon State Croquet Tourney Held at Pinehurst 9/20
News Magazine Icon 2017 Volume 2 Magazine Published 9/3
More News Icon more news and announcements

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