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Here are the latest announcements from the United States Croquet Association. There are even more announcements in Member Announcements.

Sarasota County Croquet Club Invitational (AC) Announced


Dear USCA member,

The Sarasota County Croquet Club Invitational Association Croquet tournament will be played in Venice, FL, on 22-25 March 2018.

  • Wednesday, March 21 - Practice beginning 12 noon, SCCC, 1400 Lucaya Ave, Venice, FL
  • Wednesday, March 21, 6PM - Opening Reception and Potluck dinner at the Peterson home, 12647 Harney St, Venice, FL
  • Thursday March 22, Play begins 8:30 AM
  • Friday March 23, Play continues
  • Saturday, March 24, 6:30 PM - Dinner at Cedar Reef Fish Camp, 755 US 41 Bypass, Venice, FL
  • Sunday, March 25, afternoon - Final matches and awards

(Guest housing is available upon request to tournament manager)

This sanctioned AC singles tournament is open to 32 players, 3 or 4 flights, Block play with knockout playoffs. Even if you have never played in an Association Croquet tournament, we invite you to come and play. You will find it to be a fun and worthwhile experience.

The entry form is in Official Forms. The entry deadline is 10 March 2018.

Thank you,

Hans Peterson, SCCC President and Tournament Director

Croquet Week (GC) and Club Team Championship (US) Announced

Dear USCA member,

The Croquet Week Golf Croquet tournament will be played at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, FL, on 9-11 March 2018.

The Club Team Championship of American Croquet will be played at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, FL, on 14-18 March 2018.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy Croquet Week, and to play in back-to-back tournaments.

The entry form is in Official Forms. The entry deadline is 1 March 2018.

Thank you,

John Osborn, Tournament Director

Audubon Invitational (US) Announced

Audubon Croquet Club Logo

Save these dates! 21-25 February 2018

Audubon Croquet Club, Naples, FL. 24th annual Audubon Invitational American Croquet tournament.

Singles only – 20 players in three flights – championship, first, and second flights.

Play will be on one full-size and one ¾ courts.

Enjoy a full complement of meals: daily continental breakfasts, buffet lunches, parties, a dinner, and awards brunch.

Tournament Director – Fred Jones
Tournament Manager – Keppy Babcock 239-254-1247

National Championship (AC) Announced

The National Championship of Association Croquet will be held on 18-24 February 2018 at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA. The tournament will be hosted by the Mission Hills Croquet Club. The tournament director will be Mission Hills' new croquet professional Wayne Davies.

The entry form is in Official Forms. The entry deadline is 5 February 2018.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Othen (561-478-0760) in Tournament Services.

Croquet News Magazine Published

Croquet News Cover

The 2017 Volume 2 issue of the USCA's Croquet News magazine is now available as a PDF for USCA members on the magazine page of the USCA website (log in required). Here's the full run-down on articles you'll find in the 2017V2 issue:

  • Ted Prentis: Larger Than Life
  • 2017 MacRobertson Shield Report
  • Hall Fame Nominee: Digby Bridges
  • 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Results
  • 2017 Southeast Regional Report/Results
  • Member Profile: Michael Albert
  • Club Profile: Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club
  • Let’s Talk Tactics: Chase Theory Tribute

All website and e-mail links should be live in the PDF. If you see an interesting reference, you can click through to dig deeper or reach a contact right away. On computers, the PDF version is best viewed as "two-up" and "show cover page" if you want to see the full spreads (on your Adobe Reader top menu: View/Page Display). The PDF should also be viewable on most tablets.

Thank You,

Dylan Goodwin, Croquet News Publisher & Editor 913-636-7231.

World Championship (AC) Reminder

Association Croquet Players:

Don't forget to get your availability in! The deadline is fast approaching for the 2018 Association Croquet World Championship to be held Saturday, Feb. 3 - Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018 at the Kelburn Croquet Club, Wellington, New Zealand.

To be considered for Team USA for this tournament, the availability form must have been completed by Sunday, July 16, 2017 for Association Croquet Selection Committee review.

The 2018 World Championship (AC) Qualifying Tournament will be held Tuesday, Jan. 30 - Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018. The four highest-placed finishers will move on to play in the Worlds. Details of the venue and how to enter the Qualifying Tournament will be made available at a future date.

Availability forms received to date:

Amby, Bruno
Bast, Jim
Lawrence, Stuart
Maloof, David
Soo, Jeff
White, Macey

Six-Wicket Croquet Referee On-Court Video Series Completed

Bob Kroeger and Ted Prentis are pleased to announce the completion of their USCA 6 Wicket Croquet Referee On Court Video Series designed to help aspiring referees prepare for the on court test. This series should also help current referees of all levels. Additionally, USCA members who do not want to become referees may value from watching this series to better understand what a referee is looking for when called out to make a ruling.

While not mandatory, we suggest you watch segments 1 - 13 in order in your first viewing.  After that, it's totally up to you as to the order you choose.  Please do read/listen to the Intro first which gives context to the whole project.  In it we say that some of our comments are our opinion and some viewers may disagree.  We're fine with that and encourage an exchange of ideas as to what it takes to make a highly skilled and competent referee.  We are open to make changes to any video clip if we find it will improve on the subject.  Please e-mail any questions/comments to Bob Kroeger.  It is important to put this exact phrase into the subject box: "Referee Video Series"  If that is not included, there is a chance it won't be read.  Please note a reply may take some time.  If we get a number of suggestions or questions that would add to the value of the project, we will post them to a web page for all to read.

We thank two USCA members/referees who generously funded this project, Michael Charrier and Harvey Geiger.

We hope you find this a worthwhile and helpful video series.

Sincerely, Bob Kroeger and Ted Prentis

  1. Introduction To the Video Series (please watch this first)
  2. Understanding How To Use YouTube
  3. How To Use An iPhone For Slow Motion Video
  4. Marking Balls And Referee Positions
  5. Replacing Balls After A Fault And Obvious Bad Shots
  6. Mallet Faults
  7. Contact Distance In Single Ball Shots
  8. Double Tap, Crush, Beveled Edge Fault Intro
  9. Eight Wicket Shots In Real Time Only
  10. The Same Eight Wicket Shots (Plus 3 Others) In Real Time And Slow Motion
  11. Hampered Shots
  12. Hammer Shots
  13. Sweep Shots
  14. Blocking
  15. Wiring
  16. Measuring Balls In Bounds
  17. Scoring A Wicket And Hitting Another Ball
  18. Shooting At A Ball In A Wicket
  19. Irish Peels And Watching For A Pegout
  20. Detecting Faults In Croquet Shots
  21. Ball In Bounds And Ball Out Of Bounds

Expert Croquet Tactics Now Available Online

Expert Croquet Tactics Cover

Oxford Croquet is pleased to announce an online version of Keith Wylie's seminal work Expert Croquet Tactics by kind permission of the Croquet Association [of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man].

Expert Croquet Tactics is the bible of Association Croquet strategy for A-class and International players. It details the intricacies of the Triple Peel, Advanced Break Building, and Openings. Some of what is there will be bewildering to players with handicaps much above 1, but the Openings Article (Article 4) is accessible to most croquet players.  The largest section (Article 1) is dedicated to the Triple Peel, and is essential reading for anyone wishing to master that part of their game.  This book rewards repeated reading as your play improves. It should be on every aspiring A-class player's bookshelf.

Softback copies of the book are available from the Croquet Association Shop for £13.99.

Dr. Ian Plummer, Oxford Croquet Editor

CroquetBuddy Golf Croquet App Released

CroquetBuddy helps you while you're playing golf croquet. It helps you keep track of the score and time in a game and can also randomly pick partners at the start of a game. Download the iPhone app for free from Addict3D. Click screen shots below to enlarge.

CroquetBuddy CroquetBuddy CroquetBuddy CroquetBuddy

Croquet Club World Gazetteer

A world map showing the location of croquet clubs has been added to the Oxford Croquet Site.

Croquet Secrets

A new book entitled Croquet Secrets by John Riches and Wayne Davies is available from Xlibris. It is a compilation of nearly all of John Riches booklets into one 803-page book.

Selection Events Calendar

A Selection Events Calendar has been added to the calendar searches on the website. All the Selection Event dates and forms can be found here, as well as on the Official Forms page.

Team and Individual Event Selection Policy

The Team and Individual Event Selection Policy has been added to the Official Forms page. Also posted there are the application and indemnity forms.

Golf Croquet Rankings

Links to the official Golf Croquet ranking lists have been added to the Rankings page.

International Croquet Rules Amended

The rules of International Croquet have been amended effective 15 March 2008. Read a summary, or the details, or the full set of laws with amendments. Download or print the changes. New law books will be available from the USCA office.


The synopses of the rules of American Croquet, Association Croquet, Nine-Wicket Croquet, and Golf Croquet, have been revised, and new diagrams added.

The 2007 Rules of Nine-Wicket Croquet are now on this website, and can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document.

The 2006 Official Rules of American Croquet are now on this website for your easy viewing and searching. This is a copy of the The Official Rules of the United States Croquet Association Revised 2006 rule book which is also available here for you to print or download.

Stock Photographs

A collection of stock photographs have been posted that can be used to promote the game of croquet.






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