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USCA Committees

Members may login for more information about the Committees' composition and contact information.

Collegiate and Youth

The purpose of this committee is to promote awareness and encourage participation in croquet for college and youth sectors in all rule types. This committee is committed to growth through diversity and inclusion of all ages.

Communications & Marketing

The purpose is to serve our existing and future membership by providing communications consistent with the USCA mission and exploring strategies to expand the awareness of all forms of croquet in the US.

Courts & Greens

The purpose is to provide recommendations, resources, and a knowledge base of different court surfaces suitable for enjoying croquet in all its forms for current and future USCA club venues and member courts.


The purpose is to provide educational resources, knowledge base, and recommendations for all levels of the sport, competitive, recreational and social, with a focus on skill development and increasing enjoyment of croquet through education.

Golf Croquet

The purpose of the GC Committee is to serve the existing and future USCA membership by promoting GC, providing insights and recommendations to enhance the enjoyment, promotion, and participation of GC as a life long activity and healthy lifestyle.

Grants Committee

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to provide oversight of the grant programs of the USCA and recommend applications for approval.  It will work with applicants to create effective programs with their grant awards and try to leverage the organization's resources for success.


The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to independently evaluate complaints presented to the Association and determine whether the complaint warrants further action. The committee shall be responsible for enforcing the Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, all the rules and regulations of the Association, and the standards of conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.


The Handicap Committee serves the USCA membership in the practical application of handicap systems, and provides guidance to ensure all players have an opportunity to play or compete on an equal and fair basis with fellow players thereby increasing enjoyment and participation levels between differing skill levels.


The purpose of the International Committee is to represent the USCA memberships' interest and provide a liaison between the USCA and other national governing bodies and the World Croquet Federation for international matches.

Investment and Finance

The purpose of the Investment and Finance committee is to provide sound fiscal oversight and strategic financial planning for the current and future USCA membership / community as well as set investment policy and standards.

Lee Olsen Fund

The Lee Olsen Fund provides direct funding for USCA national team and international youth events. Lee A. Olsen was inducted into the Croquet Hall of Fame in 1992 in recognition of her contributions and tireless energy in supporting our national team representatives.

Long Grass & Nine Wicket

The purpose of the Long Grass & Nine Wicket Committee is to promote, foster relationships, and engage with the nine wicket croquet community. The USCA is committed to growth through diversity and inclusion of all types of croquet.

Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the officers of the Association and includes President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Vice Presidents and the Immediate Past President, all of whom shall serve without compensation. The members serve the best interets of the current and future members of the association. The affairs of the Association are managed by the Management Committee.


The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with committees, sections, special interest groups, and membership, management committee and staff on key strategies, challenges, needs, and implementation of efforts in order to maximize membership recruitment, engagement, and retention.


The Nominating Committee is composed of a number of members equal to the number of regions of the Association plus one. The Nominating Committee makes nominations for the Regional Vice President prior to Annual General Meetings.

Referee & Instructor

This committee provides testing and certification standards for referee and instructor certifications for USCA members, which enhance and facilitate the enjoyment of croquet across the national USCA membership. The committee also makes periodic review and re-certification standards to maintain standards of instruction and officiating.


The purpose of the Rules Committee is to study, make recommendations, interpretations, and clarifications of croquet rules played by the USCA. They provide a liaison with the WCF and other national rules committees when needed. The activities serve the membership by providing clear interpretation, recommendations, and a knowledge base that allows a greater depth of understanding and enhances the enjoyment of our members.

Selection (GC)

The GC Selection Committee provides the selection process for national team and individual player GC events where the USCA has representation as a national governing body, or for domestic events requiring a merit based selection process.

Selection (US & AC)

The Selection Committee for USCA Rules and Association Croquet Events provides the selection process for national team and individual player events where the USCA has representation as a national governing body, or for domestic events requiring a merit based selection process.


The purpose of the Tournament Committee is to schedule USCA titled events at suitable venues and on dates to allow accessible tournaments on quality surfaces, allowing broad participation across the USCA membership. The committee also provides recommendations, procedures, and support to maximize participant enjoyment and standards at USCA titled events.