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HomeCroquet Day 2024 Results

A record number of USCA Clubs sent in photos of their Croquet Parties

and it was hard to select the winning photos...

Congratulations to All!

Every Croquet Party is appreciated. The events bring new friends to your Club

and to Croquet. Thank you for your efforts...

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Starting July 1st we are kicking off "Photo of the Month". This first effort with a deadline of June 30, will be a collection of "Crazy Costumes" submitted as part of National Croquet Day. So keep taking interesting, unique, cute, or any photos that stand out as defining the "character" of our game.

Please submit to:

Belleair Country Club Croquet - Red, White and Blue Award

Proud to be a Croquet American!  Over 30 enthusiastic, patriotic members came out to enjoy a morning on the courts playing Golf Croquet. The party continued with a buffet dinner, live music and over 50 fun loving croquet players dancing the night away.


Decker Lawn Croquet - Greatest Game Ever Award

The 19th annual Decker Lawn Croquet Tournament and party was hosted by Ralph and Linda Decker at their home in St. Louis, Missouri. More than 100 guests turned out for a fun day of spectating and competing, including 32 players. The final round gave the Decker’s and their guests special enjoyment this year with a new team who kept advancing, Patrick Holland, age 13 , and Will Holland, age 10, first cousins and great nephews of the hosts. “This is the greatest game ever!”, said the boys as they took on all the adults in four rounds of croquet. The event includes a group photograph, which is an annual tradition, followed by a summer supper. “We find so much joy in hosting this event every year. Croquet brings back fun childhood memories for many, we love to bring it to the next level for our guests. Now we have a future generation excited about this great sport.” Said Ralph Decker.   


Village of Glencoe Croquet Club - Crazy Croquet Hat Award

To promote our club and spread croquet love, GCC hosted a community open house for about 60 people. GCC members showed our guests how to shoot the ball and run a few hoops. Very quickly, guests were playing lively games of golf croquet.

By a wide margin, GCC members voted for Bill Hall's simple hat, beribboned with croquet ball colors, and topped by a carved-in-miniature croquet game. Well done, Bill!


Grand Haven Croquet Club - The Splashiest Party Award

Grand Haven once again had a large group of very energetic players dressed in a splash of croquet colors. That's also one of the best 6-Wicket shirts we've ever seen.


Lakewood Croquet Club - Mardi Gras Party Award

“Laissez Les Balles De Croquet Rouler” 


Mission Hills Croquet Club - Colors of the Desert Award

Despite triple digit temperatures, Mission Hills Croquet Club, in Rancho Mirage California, celebrated National Croquet Day with the popular theme Celebrate the Colors of Croquet. We had a three game tournament- before each game we drew names for partners to give everyone opportunities to play with someone they may never have played with before. In addition to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, we gave a prize for best dressed player! 


National Croquet Club - Life's A Beach Award

The past two years have been a rained-out at the NCC. This year with the theme, "Life's A Beach", we had 90 members and guests signed up with many new to croquet and all ages. Interestingly, the instructional courts did better than the silly games. A wonderful summer lunch buffet was served.


Rossmoor Croquet Club - The Science of Croquet Award

Rossmoor located in Central New Jersey and a long-standing USCA Club, held a unique Croquet Party. It's theme was a Celestial CME Blackout Event. For those not in the "know", A coronal mass ejection (CME) is an explosive outburst of plasma from the Sun. The blast of a CME carries about a billion tons of material out from the Sun at very high speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second. The Rossmoor Croquet group is ready for anything and they had a great turnout!


Sandwich Croquet Club - Crazy Carnival Award

Sandwich Croquet Club had a wonderful time celebrating National Croquet Day on Saturday, June 1st. Throughout the day we had over 40 members come to play golf croquet and 6 Wicket. Our Club Pro, Bob Kroeger set up the swing trainer and videoed members' swings. He also coached members on their jump shots and split shots in front of the wicket. 


During our lunch break between Golf Croquet and 6 Wicket, Members were able to enjoy lunch provided by the Club, a time to catch up with friends, meet new members and the opportunity to participate in a mini golf themed croquet obstacle course. The obstacle course included five challenges: a 4-foot wicket shot, roqueting a ball from 15 feet, a ramp shot into a bucket, a shot through the shark mouth from 40 feet and a shot at the stake from 20 feet. 


The Clubs at St. James - Best Use of Flamingos Award

The Clubs at St James, Southport NC had a huge turnout for National Croquet Day, over 90 croquet players celebrated "Flamingos Love Croquet". The pictures tell the whole story.


Sarasota County Croquet Club - Keep the Balls Rolling Award

SCCC had a great National Croquet Day with a Keep the Croquet Balls Rolling theme. A video was submitted and we will try to publish the video on social media channels. Well done!


Wyndemere Country Club - The Wild West (Florida) Award

Wyndemere Country Club went all out again this year. Check out the photos.


Honorary Mention


Burlingame Country Club


The Chatooga Club


Chicago Croquet Club


Green Gables Croquet Club


High Hampton Club


Highlands Country Club


Houston Croquet Association


Country Club of Jackson


Kactus Creek Croquet Club


Lenox Croquet Club


Milwaukee Croquet Club


Naples Croquet Club


New York Croquet Club


Oklahoma Weslyan University


Ponte Vedra Croquet Club


Rochester Croquet Club


Westhampton Mallet Club


West River Wickets


Why National Croquet Day Matters:

Our goal at the USCA is to promote the awareness, development and enjoyment of croquet in the United States, providing resources and governance for the sport at all levels.

We are excited about the impact National Croquet Day will continue to have on our community, while we keep these 5 focuses in mind during our development and creation each year:

1.   Foster relationships by building community.

2.   Support participation and continuity through organizational excellence.

3.   Commit to growth through diversity and inclusion.

4.   Develop and enjoy the sport through education.

5.   Promote croquet as a lifelong activity and healthy lifestyle.

And most importantly, life is much better with croquet in it.

Grab a mallet and a friend, and let's play together.